The first digital and worldwide talent-creating platform.
My Mother Agency is a true community where its members can realize their dreams and become a new face with access to the most prestigious castings. In addition, you will always be connected to our info walls which are dedicated to showcasing our universe, including backstage access.

My Mother Agency ?

The world of talent representation (models, comedians, background actors…) was based on an outdated process that used a manual workflow, disconnected from the digitalized world in which we now operate.
Potential models and talents were oftentimes put off by the idea of themselves confronting bookers of big agencies.

The first digital and global platform that helps create and curate talents from many areas, My Mother Agency is a real community in which its members can fulfill their dreams without losing their unique voice.
Who doesn’t dream of becoming the new muse for their favorite brand? Who wouldn’t love having access to some of the most prestigious castings, in the most diversified domains?

My Mother Agency creates a revolution, offering opportunities to everyone while reinventing a business.

At the origin of project.

Bernard Hennet

Former Chairman of Elite Model World, the world’s leading network of model agencies; Former Worldwide President of Schütz Group; Founder of Fanatic.

Philip Caerts

Publisher of Publications on Luxury, start up coach, marketing strategist.

Christopher Lambert

Cult actor, prolific producer of blockbusters and series, major personality in worldwide entertainment, indispensable catalyst of endorsement.

Bertrand Hennet

Artistic director, fashion photographer, portraitist, Former World Organizer of the Elite Model Look Contest, cornerstone of the My Mother Agency project.

An evidence.

With 15 years of experience in modeling,
acting, production and advertising, our
team has the skills to imagine and create
the next evolution of this industry.

My Mother Agency is the matching tool between
talents and brands that a whole community
has been missing – until now.