What does My Mother agency do ?

My Mother agency is a global avant-gardist modelling and talent platform open to all aspiring or established models, comedians and extras. Members gain access to international exposure and casting opportunities regardless of their age, style, location, background or measurements. We combine the professionalism of a traditional agency with the flexibility of self-representation to create a platform tailored for you.

Why does My Mother agency exist ?

The modelling industry was based on an outdated process, very little digitized. Clients could only choose between very selective traditional talent agencies and random local street scouting. The arrival of Instagram has boosted the digital and international dimensions of street scouting, while showing its limits as a casting tool. My Mother agency creates a revolution, offering opportunities to everyone, no matter the age, look, background and measurements.

Who is My Mother agency ?

My Mother agency originated from the combined expertise of our founders : Bernard Hennet – former CEO of Elite Model Management, the world’s leading network of model agencies and Christopher Lambert – actor, producer and major personality in global entertainment. Since then, our team has expanded vastly, bringing in Creative Directors, Expert Bookers and an array of talented modelling industry professionals.

« With 15 years of experience in modelling, acting, production and advertising, our team has the skills to imagine and create the next evolution of this industry. »
Christophe Lambert
Actor & Co-Founder of MM agency

Bernard Hennet
Former Chairman of Elite Model World, the world’s leading network of model agencies; Former Worldwide President of Schûtz Group, Founder of Fanatic

Philip Caerts
Publisher of Publications on Luxury, start up coach, marketing strategist.

Christopher Lambert
Cult actor, prolific producer of blockbusters and series, major personality in worldwide entertainment, indispensable catalyst of endorsement.

Bertrand Hennet
Artistic director, fashion photographer, portraitist, Former World Organizer of the Elite Model Look Contest, cornerstone of the My Mother Agency project.

Soufiane Saghir
CTO, Central university Web Architect, expert in e-shops, apps & webmarketing

Geoffrey Delanlssays
Artistic Director. Visual identity, graphic designer & illustrator

Julia Cécillon
Head of booking. Founder of Maison Maison, Comedian.

Bettina de Boisse
Marketing & Communication. Ex Business Developer of Elite Model World, Model.

Our promise to you.

For us, age, beauty, measurements and skin colour are not deciding factors of your talent level. We care about your style, personality and unique story, which we will share with the world.